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72.5~1100kV Composite Insulators, Composite Tube & Hollow Insulators72.5~1100kV Composite Insulators, Composite Tube & Hollow Insulators

There are two types of filament winding process in Wally Electric, one is wet winding, the other is dry winding with VPI(Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) process.
Wally Electric mainly focuses on friber reinforced epoxy resin vacuum casted composite functional components (insulators) and parts as below:

● 72.5~1100kV GIS Operating rods, Supporting insulators, Chamber insulators and other composite insulators. Tube or pipes produced by dry filament (or fabric) winding are bonded with metal armatures (inserts) and being used as operation rods, supporting insulators or chamber insulators for high voltage GIS, LTB, GCB, DTB...etc, application.;

● Silicon rubber coated wet winding tube used as hollow composite insulators, dry bushings, surge arrestors, capacitors for medium and high voltage power transformation, transmission, and distribution.

● For GIS capacitors shell and other high voltage (72.5~1100kV) insulators and functional components application

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