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Wally Electric (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. Focus in technology of insulators, especially fiber reinforced composite insulators, resin vacuum casting insulators and APG insulators for medium and high voltage application. High quality, stable products are now widely used in a variety of electric transformation and transmission industry all over the world.

With responsibility of providing high quality and reasonable price products, Wally Electric concentrates mostly on detail process optimization for products performances and quality guarantee. New technology, new patents and new processes were created with insistence that improvements and innovation are the company’s spirit and lifeblood.

Over the past years, Wally Electric founded its own quality management system via rich production experience and the feedbacks from customer.  Passed the ISO9001 quality system certification system.

Wally Electric always be ready for providing reliable products, solutions for customer with exploration, innovation, and excellence.

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