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BMC (BMC) , SMC Insulaotrs for Medium and Low Voltage ApplicationBMC (BMC) , SMC Insulaotrs for Medium and Low Voltage Application

DMC (Dough Moulding Compound), BMC (Bulk Moulding Compound) and SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) are made of unsaturated polyester resin, glass fiber chops, filler and other components. 
With good dielectrical properties, mechanical properties, thermal resistance and chemical resistance, DMC/BMC/SMC parts are widely used as medium and low voltage insulating parts, as they can fulfill serials of requirements.
Medium voltage parts: standoff insulators, pull rods, bushings, operating rods...etc;
Low voltage parts: air switch shells, switchboards, distributor shells, disconnecting switch shells, electrical meter shells...etc.

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