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Composite Dry Type Condenser Bushing 12~1100kVComposite Dry Type Condenser Bushing 12~1100kV

Composite Dry Type Condenser Bushing for 12~1100kV MV/HV Transformer, GIS and Substation application.
● Production Process: Thin Film Degassing + Vacuum Pressure Injection

● Material: OIP (Oil Impregnated Paper)

 RIP (Resin Impregnated Paper)

FRP(Fiber-glass Reinforced Plastic)

Pure Porcelain (Or pure ceramic)

     ●  Lower Dielectric Loss Factor Properties: The condenser bushings are with quite low dielectric loss factor properties, and with quite stable performance under different increasing voltage level;
     ●  High Electrical Insulating Properties: The condenser bushings are produced strictly refer the design and process control after professional FEA (finite element analysis) simulation calculation, and with higher partial discharge inception voltage and gliding spark discharge inception voltage. The dielectrical strength is 20% higher than ISO standard requirements

       ●  Good Heat Resistance Properties: Quite good heat resistance and thermal dissipation, stable temperature guarantee during serving and operation;
       ●  High Mechanical Strength: High Properties Glass Fiber Reinforced Material guarantees quite good mechanical strength;
       ●  Maintenance-free, better environmental protection, gas free, completely dry type. Can be installed at any angle and quite convenient for transportation, storage and operation.

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