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Composite Laminate plate insulators and machining partsComposite Laminate plate insulators and machining parts

Composite laminate plates (sheets) are made of pre-impregnated fabric or dry laminate fabric with vacuum impregnation process.
The plates (sheets) can be machined into insulators with different shape according customized requirements and specification.
Epoxy resin vacuum casted composite laminate plate (sheets) are usually used as high voltage application insulator, like operation rod, pull rods, torsion rods...etc.
Pre-impreginated fabric made composite laminate plates (sheets) are usually used for machining into medium and low voltage insulators.
The raw material of the laminated plates are as below in Wally-electric:
    1. Pure Glass fiber fabric;
    2. Pure Polyester fabric;
    3. Pure Aramid fabric;
    4. Aramid-Polyester hybrid fabric
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