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Silicon Rubber Coated Composite Rod InsulatorsSilicon Rubber Coated Composite Rod Insulators
A composite rod insulator has two parts, one is glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod shaped core and other is silicone rubber or EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) made weather sheds. Rod shaped core is covered by weather sheds. Weather sheds protect the insulator core from outside environment. As it is made of two parts, core and weather sheds, composite rod insulator is also called polymer rod insulator. The rod shaped core is fixed with Hop dip galvanized cast steel made end fittings in both sides.

●Advantages of Polymer Insulators
=It is very light weight compared to porcelain and glass insulator.
=As thecomposite insulatoris flexible the chance of breakage becomes minimum.
=Because of lighter in weight and smaller in size, this insulator has lower installation cost.
=It has higher tensile strength compared to porcelain insulator.
=Its performance is better particularly in polluted areas.
=Due to lighter weight polymer insulator imposes less load to the supporting structure.
=Less cleaning is required due to hydrophobic nature of the insulator.

●Types of Insulator

There are mainly three types of insulator likewise

Pin Insulator

Suspension Insulator

Stray Insulator, and so on.

In addition to that there are other two types of electrical insulator available mainly for low voltage application, e.i. stay insulator and shackle insulator.

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